Artos blockchain platform use cases

Use Cases

Artos Systems Solved Three CashbackAPP Problems To Unleash New Growth

cashbackAPP helps retail merchants drive sales by offering cash back to their customers when they spend with their connected debit or credit cards. Each country is a separate subsidiary under a UK-based parent company. In aggregate, cashbackAPP awards cashback across 11 countries, through connections with 27+ financial organisations, including Visa Europe, and Ecocash in Africa.

The Results

Tokenisation of the cashback dollar created an almost immediate 8% improvement in net margins by reducing costs and creating new growth opportunities. Reducing liability from the balance sheet means CashbackAPP is free to grow again.

CashbackAPP CEO Quote:

"It’s incredible how Artos Systems, with their amazing new technology, was able to solve three of CashbackAPP’s greatest challenges at once. It has made life better for every stakeholder in our ecosystem, including users and merchants. Artos helped make the business more efficient, innovative, and opened up new opportunities for growth." — Bish Smeir, CEO CashbackAPP

Problems Before Artos System
Automating Business Processes Problem

Issues with accounts payable and merchant default

It was too expensive to send micro cashback payments en-masse between merchants and users. Batched payments meant customers had to wait and merchant defaults meant CastbackAPP booked a loss.

Control over Value Chain Problem

Issues with user liability and balance sheet book loss

Batched 30-day payments and cashback withdrawn threshold managed the company’s liability, but made the app less attractive to users and increased the company’s balance sheet liability.

Enforcing Business Logic Problem

Issues with treasury management

Owing to problems one and two, there were periods where CashbackAPP had idle funds that lost value over time. Putting the funds to use exacerbates the risks of problem two.

Solutions with Artos Systems
Automating Business Processes Solution

New accounts payable and merchant default system

Artos tokenised cashback as “Cashback Dollars.” This immediately credited cashback to the user's account, improving CashbackAPP’s financial health. It also diminished back-office costs.

Control over the Value Chain Solution

The new user liability and balance sheet book method

Tokenisation removed the $50 cashback threshold by allowing users to spend their “cash back dollars” at partner merchants. This reduced their liability to users and encouraged user and revenue growth.

Enforcing Business Logic Solution

The new treasury management technique

Users and merchants can now sell their cashback dollars to others. Therefore users can now cash out without CashbackAPP having to collect cash from merchants. This drastically reduces treasury management costs.

Artos Systems Helps Kind Heaven Drive Profitability through Blockchain-Enabled Loyalty

Kind Heaven team created a world-class, omnichannel entertainment hub where guests explore culture, art, music, food, and fashion. This can be accessed both online and in venues around the globe. They began their journey in their flagship Las Vegas headquarters.

The Results

Initial tests with their new community loyalty programme is projected to increase Kind Heaven’s revenue by over 10% in its first year of operation. This will be driven primarily through increased member attendance, greater spending and better engagement.

Kind Heaven Co-Creator Quote:

“With a complex global structure, Kind Heaven was exploring progressive technology to bring our vision into reality. Working with Artos Systems was exactly what we were looking for. They demystified their deep technology and its benefits while being supportive every step of the way.” – Cary Granat, Co-Creator Kind Heaven.

Problems Before Artos System
Control over Value Chain Problem

Issues around encouraging engagement and attendance

Kind Heaven needed to grow user referrals across audiences with divergent tastes. How could they incentivise fans of North American artists to attend performances of Australian artists and bring friends?

Reconciling Data Problems

Issues around obtaining a holistic view of consumer behaviour

Kind Heaven wanted to know exactly how community members are engaging with artists. Moreover, they wanted to cross-check that data with in-venue geolocation data, point-of-sale data and social media engagement data. How could they reconcile these data sources in order to get a holistic picture of real-time user behaviour?

Enforcing Business Logic Problem

Issues in managing the distribution and consumption of loyalty points

Kind Heaven was also unable to fully capitalise on the spending power and engagement of its global community. They were not able to create fine-grain incentives based on an individual member’s preferences.

Solutions with Artos Systems
Control over the Value Chain Solution

New encouragement method for engagement & attendance

Artos designed a tokenised loyalty point scheme that incentivises member referral, engagement, and attendance. This creates a steady flow of new members and increased participation in Kind Heaven hubs worldwide.

Reconciling Data Solution

New method of obtaining a holistic view of consumer behaviour

By means of tokenisation to represent various forms of user activities within the Kind Heaven ecosystem, they were able to easily reconcile various data sources to gain a holistic, real-time picture of member behaviour.

Enforcing Business Logic Solution

New way of managing the distribution and consumption of loyalty points

Tokenisation of loyalty allows Kind Heaven to set parameters around how a given member can receive or spend their loyalty points. By tailoring their programme to individual member needs, they are able to both maximise their profitability and increase community satisfaction.