Artos Systems blockchain platform features


Proprietary Technology Ecosystem

Our proprietary industry-leading technology ecosystem is the most cutting-edge and versatile set of products and tools on the market. It leverages deep technologies to seamlessly translate your cross-organisational processes into the blockchain realm, providing enterprise-grade scalability, control, and oversight - all through a frictionless means of integration. A Bridge to Blockchain®.

Business Process Implementation Strategy

We leverage our unique business process implementation strategy to translate your cross-organisational business processes with unequaled simplicity - typically in a matter of weeks, not months. This maximises the cost savings and growth opportunities, while minimising the operational changes in your organisation.

Transaction Engine

Our powerful transaction engine provides decentralised scalability with complete anonymity, offering you and your value chain a trustworthy medium for open collaboration. We are merely the gateway to the blockchain: all control and ownership of the assets reside with the respective rights holders, who retain and final permission rights.

Intuitive Integration APIs and SDKs

Take advantage of our user-friendly intuitive integration APIs and SDKs, designed with enterprise developers and business teams in mind, and devised to get you to a production-ready fast.

Asset Lifecycle Management Platform

Our asset lifecycle management platform allows you to exert a high degree of control, and gain greater oversight over how your value chain interacts with your assets. This allows you to make data-driven decisions about which entities can interact with your assets and under what conditions, maximising business profitability.

Business Logic Rules Technology

Our extensive business logic rules technology enables you to automatically enforce a variety of non-circumventable rules and policies to govern the issuance, transferability, and redemption of your assets. It also allows your value chain to expand into new markets that were previously inaccessible due to complexities.

Advanced Cryptographic Security

We are pioneers in ensuring the integrity and fraud-resistance of your assets and transactions by leveraging various forms of advanced cryptographic security. This is in order to preserve the full anonymity of your value chain and customers, whilst also maintaining the complete auditability of network activities.

Function-Based Onboarding Materials

Our user-friendly, persona-based onboarding materials are designed to educate and support commercial, product, and technology teams with their integration journeys, allowing your business to get up and running with new processes promptly.

Enterprise-Grade SLAs

As your enterprise-grade bridge to blockchain®, we provide amongst the highest guarantees in our SLAs, giving enterprises the quality support and service required through our highly resilient ecosystem, so that you can leverage all the benefits of the blockchain with none of the unnecessary complications.

Reporting and Analytics Dashboards

We provide reporting and analytics dashboards with APIs that give you (a) thorough oversight over your full asset lifecycle, (b) complete auditability over your value chain’s interactions with your assets, and (c) actionable insights around partner performance and consumer behaviour to maximise profitability.

Versatile Integration Support

We provide guided, versatile integration support to meet the diverse requirements we manage together. This truly enables you to leverage our benefits with minimal effort, allowing you to focus on your core activities whilst transforming your tech stack into the new world of Web 3.0.

End-to-End Encrypted Communication System

Our end-to-end encrypted communication system allows you to securely engage with every owner of your assets, enabling you to build better relationships with more customers, and allows you to connect and exchange data with other businesses in your value chain with unparalleled security.

Multi-Layer Network Integrity

We have created a clever solution that leverages multi-layer network integrity to provide enterprise-grade scalability and GDPR-compliant data-anonymity, while keeping the immutability and fraud-resistance, delivering you the full benefits of blockchain technology without its shortcomings.

User-Friendly Digital Wallet

Our user-friendly digital wallet plugs into your existing app or acts as a standalone interface to allow your customers to frictionlessly receive, transfer and redeem digital assets with supreme security and fraud-resistance - all this made possible by our advanced cryptographic techniques.

Peer-to-Peer Technology

We make extensive use of peer-to-peer technology across the various tiers of our propitiatory technology ecosystem, which promises near 100% uptime guarantees and true data integrity.